The Process

Getting a logo without defining your brand is like

getting a dog to match your sofa.


Do it for the right reasons, the right way.

DEFINE Your Brand

Can you tell someone your company’s brand promise right off the top of your head? Can your employees name at least two of your core values? These are some of the pieces that  define your brand and make you stand out in the marketplace. How will you define your brand?

Our process solves this problem by FIRST defining your company’s brand and key messaging. We guide you through a well-structured series of questions and brainstorming to uncover the unique qualities that reach to the heart of your brand. The  results are sifted & sorted and crafted into a brand profile that informs our design process.  Potential slogans and the language of your brand grow out of this phase. This brand profile will serve as an anchor to unify all your company messaging for years to come. We have different levels of discovery and discuss with you which level is your best fit!

Brand Profile:
An example of a Brand Blue Print

The City of Sterling Heights Brand BluePrint

The City of Sterling Heights Brand BluePrint

Purpose. Mission. Vision. Core Values. Key words & phrases. Target markets. Unique differentiator. Brand promise. Position statements. Slogans. Tag lines. Brand personality. Organizational processes and behaviors. These are the constructs that become the language and heart of your brand.

DESIGN Your Brand

Your company logo is the face of your business. Though we all have two eyes, a nose and a mouth, we identify one another by the unique nuances of our facial elements. Nuances and subtleties are significant: don’t make the mistake of handing off your company’s identity to just anyone. Behind the scenes creative process: the earthy compounds of lead and paper provide the venue for quick gestures,  allowing for creative free flow.

We’ve taken a proven process that has been handed down by the great masters of our industry, and enhanced it with technological concept tools to explore symbol development and potential genius in a word-mark. We’ve honed our process to work with the time demands of today’s entrepreneur, bringing custom ideas to you that find their genesis in our Define Stage.


Your first Design Presentation: Out of the many concepts created, only the best are presented, always in black and white. Why? Color can mask a flaw in a design and subjective taste in color can rule out a great concept. Every concept we present is birthed out of solid design principles, creative genius and insatiable perfectionism. Revisions are included in every project to guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Your Color Presentation: In the next phase of the design process, color is incorporated into the selected concept. Choice of color is subjective, though there are some rules to keep in mind (warm colors come forward and cool colors recede) while others can be broken (firey, threatening red for a financial institution). Color adds to the emotion and distinctiveness. Technical understanding of available print processes is critical here to ensure your final printed pieces have the look you want.

Final Logo Delivery: A user-friendly Standards Guide means we give you all the technical information you need to get your logo on a trade show banner, vehicle wrap, email signature & website. Did we mention that it will save oodles of time searching for logo files?   Now your new identity, distinctively you and groomed for success, takes wing. Don’t let it flutter & fall. Keep it aloft and soaring to new heights in the ALIGN phase.

ALIGN Your Brand

A brand has a personality; it grows and responds to the world around it. When a business isn’t aligned in its identity and messaging, it can suffer the pitfalls of becoming outdated, reactionary and inconsistent. We don’t trust people who are inconsistent and when brands do it, it shakes our confidence and trust in them too. Marty Neumeir, in The Brand Gap said, “Trust is the shortcut to a buying decision and the bedrock of modern branding.” The brand identity (logo) and messages need to be consistently presented in every medium.  While the Standards Guide contains the rules of use for your logo to keep your logo consistent and build credibility, your Brand Profile (from the Design phase) is your reference for messaging and vision.

Initial Roll-out: Your unique brand messaging will be the thread woven through your newsletters, trade show take-aways, and on every page of your website. Your message is clear because it is in alignment with your brand. The coolest part is that when it’s accurately defined from the beginning, and KEPT ALIGNED, it saves time, money and enables you to build a clear brand message that people will come to know and trust.

Full implementation: Take every opportunity to promote your brand identity and unique message everywhere it’s seen, from business cards to bill boards.  Build and align your brand with authentic consistency. Trust is the bridge that your customers cross to do business with you. Make it clear, strong and beautiful.