Build an Enduring Brand Promise

Misaligned and disappointed customer expectations can be the downfall of a company. A smart brand promise, consistently met, sets a company on a path to stellar success.

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What is Your Brand Promise?
Everyone talks about keeping the customer front and center. Yet in every business, it’s so easy for that objective to get blurred. While KPIs for customer satisfaction can be set and measured, a brand promise is a simple way for everyone in your organization to establish clear expectations for customers and keep the goal of customer satisfaction at the forefront.

Building an Enduring Brand Promise
Is your brand promise measurable? Keep it simple. You should be able to ask every customer, “Did we keep this promise to you?”
Make your brand promise clear and specific enough to mean something, but broad enough to reinforce your mission. It should also have room to be agile. Technology and a global economy mean that any industry or market is subject to disruption and you want your brand promise to remain relevant.

Once you’ve identified your key differentiator, build a brand promise around it. Consistently deliver on your unique brand promise and you’ll win customer trust and loyalty.

What Happens When Brands Give? Here’s Our Top Seven:

Volunteering Connects us

What happens when your business is involved in philanthropic giving? Here’s our top seven:

1. Brighter Future
There is an opportunity in every community to help someone in need, and businesses with a social conscience want to use their talents to help lift others to an improved quality of life and new hope for the future.

2. Strengthening Connection
Through inspiring experiences, leaders and employees of your company will feel connected to people in-and-outside of your business in a refreshingly new way.

3. Intrinsic Rewards
The gift we receive for helping–especially doing something for someone without expecting something in return–can’t be purchased, and it’s never lost.

4. Living Values
Working together on a goal that is a more-than-just-business strengthens many of the core values companies are working to build in their culture.

5. Cross-pollination
When employees of different companies work together, an opportunity is created to spark fresh insights in areas of leadership, project management, teamwork, and communication, communication, and innovation.

6. Renewed Hope
There’s plenty of sadness and trouble in our world. Meeting amazing people who are solving problems and lifting people from despair into hope, is enough to make your heart lighter and hope brighter.

7. Brand Soul
Providing opportunities for your employees to volunteer reveals the heart of your company. Being involved in the community connects people–people that may, or may not, refer business to you. Yet, your company’s commitment to philanthropic work creates a positive impression of your brand while helping build a better world.

What are some of the ways your business has benefitted through giving? Where is your favorite place to give? Let us know in the comments below!

Impact100 Metro Detroit TV: Linda Interviews Richard Plowden, Chief Martial Arts Therapist, and Michael Hunt, Martial Arts Therapist changing lives at Kids Kicking Cancer

Looking for a way to help your team give? Opportunity is not far off! There are so many organizations doing good in your community, just ask around. Impact100 Metro Detroit TV has interviewed some amazing nonprofits in the Metro Detroit area doing great behind-the-scenes work. Watch a few shows and pick one to support!

Celebrating ICR’s 25th Anniversary!

This past month, ICR celebrated 25 years of bringing excellence automation! Identity Creative rebranded ICR in 2012 with their new trademark and slogan: Partners in Productivity. We’re honored to work with the ICR team and enjoyed meeting employees and partners and seeing the rebuilt robots in action. ICR is bringing excellence to automation globally, with their roots in the Motor City. Happy 25th Anniversary, ICR!

ICR 25th Guest - Adam Genei, Owner, Mobsteel

Watch the video interview we created for ICR with Adam Genei below. Happy 25th Anniversary, ICR!

ICR began in 1992 when President, Paul Gutierrez made a decision to remain in Metro Detroit rather than overs. The company for which he worked, Square D, was a major contributor of resistance welding in Metro Detroit. However, they combined their production in Raleigh, North Carolina and offered the position to Paul Gutierrez. Not wanting to leave the Detroit area, he introduced the idea to repair and rebuild the obsolete welders. From that, ICR was born and their robotics have been built a strong presence in Detroit, and is growing globally with locations in Canada, Africa, and Mexico. (See their timeline below) Among their satisfied customers are Mobsteel (featured in Detroit Steel on the History Channel), Atlas Copco, Dengesha America, GTI Spindle, and Threadcraft.

ICR has committed employees and is a forward-thinking company. We’re honored to work with the ICR team and enjoyed meeting employees and partners, and seeing the rebuilt robots in action. ICR is bringing excellence to automation globally, with their roots in the Motor City.


Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Business with a Generic Email

You decide!
Which business email address gives a
more professional and credible impression?

Before After Business Card email address 2 Raw Healthy You BLOG eNewsletter 6-2016

You’ve seen business cards with email addresses like…or yahoo, aol, or hotmail email addresses, yes?

Why is this bad for your brand? Because good branding differentiates your business and builds credibility. Generic email addresses do exactly the opposite. We run into independent business owners who don’t recognize the damage they’re doing to their credibility with a generic business email.  It’s not acceptable, especially when it’s SO EASY to have a professional email.

When someone asks us to design a business card and gives us a generic email address, we put our designer-foot down and strongly urge them not to use any-thing-other-than-your-own-custom-URL email address. Sound harsh? Friends who care will tell you the truth. We want you to stand out as a credible business and we’re willing to tell you the harsh reality because we care. Your business card is an opportunity to build trust with a credible brand presentation.

Marty Neumeier, in The Brand Gap, makes it clear, “Trust is the greatest shortcut to a buying decision, and the bedrock of modern branding.”

It’s SO EASY to purchase a custom domain name and set up an email for your business. Do you have a website? If so, contact your web company and ask them to walk you through setting up your custom email. If not, here are three easy steps.

1.  Purchase a doLet your email speak for you!main name (you probably already have one).
2.  Contact the hosting company.
3.  Follow their directions to set up your email account and add to your devices.

It’s that easy. Now, you’re really in business!