Seminars & Workshops

Bill and Linda offer Brand Building Seminars & Workshops!

Build a Brand to Stand Out
Is your company is suffering from a common business ailment, Bland Branding?  How will you communicate what makes you unique and your brand promise? Your company is making a lasting impression: what is it saying?

Roadmap to a Strong Brand
Identity Creative brings branding full-circle. If you want a dynamic brand, you’ll want to be sure you are building on a solid foundation of core values, clear purpose, and a well-crafted brand promise. A beautiful brand begins deep within. Learn how to make it happen.

Branding vs Marketing?
How does weak branding affect your marketing? Make certain that your marketing strengthens your brand and sends a clear message that is consistent and authentic Being well-branded makes for smart—and more profitable—marketing!

When is it time to rebrand?
If a company is running with a weak brand foundation, it’s like walking with a stone in your shoe. Your sales & longevity will take a hit. Updating your logo with a clear and distinct message will bring your business unexpected results.

Elements of an Effective Logo
Whether you’re looking to hire a designer, or on track to do it yourself, what are some fundamentals you must know to achieve the perfect brand identity? Don’t let someone make standard industry mistakes with your identity!

Contact us and let us know your audience, your time frame and the topics that interest you. Together, we’ll determine availability to schedule a seminar for your organization.

Identity Creative Aerial View Meeting Marketing Brand WorkshopBRANDING WORKSHOPS
When was the last time your leadership team (or you, if you’re a solo-preneur) invested time tending to the heart of your company?

If you’re a leader, it’s too easy to become caught up in the pressures and urgent demands of running a business, then find yourself disconnected from the passion and purpose that once motivated you. Reconnect with your passion and give voice to that purpose. Schedule a Branding Workshop: It’s like a retreat for your brand!

Each workshop is designed to walk your team through a strategic process that opens doors of discovery to your brand’s unique treasures. After the workshop, creative minds collaborate on your discovery session to build a profile you’ll use as a resource for more effective marketing and a healthier corporate culture.

Identity Creative offers workshop modules for targeted brand foundation building.

MVP Module: Mission / Vision / Purpose / Core Values
USP Module: Brand Promise / Customer Value Profile / Marketing Messages
Brand Personality Module: Brand Archetype / Voice & Tone / Company Story

Contact us to learn more or schedule a workshop for your team.
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