Paletz Law

Rebranding for a Niche Law Practice

To celebrate their refined vision, the Paletz Law leadership team worked with Identity Creative for a new name, logo and brand strategy that reflects their renewed focus.
The Name: Paletz Law Firm, PC is now Paletz Law.
The Logo: The graphic “P” symbol in their new logo represents a building with a moon behind it, symbolizing the Paletz Law team vigilantly watching over the legal interests of their clients’ assets.

Paletz Law Horizontal Logo signature with descriptor and slogan

Paletz Law Horizontal Logo signature with descriptor and slogan

The Brand Strategy: Landlord-Tenant Law is often a neglected aspect of law by most firms, and many provide this area of law as just-another-service. Further, the few firms that do provide Landlord-Tenant Law are small, understaffed, and do not invest in technology that brings the service that today’s landlords desire. Recognizing this gap in the market, the Paletz Law team has worked hard to marry best business practices with exceptional legal skill to deliver an incomparable service to landlords. They have invested in technology (PaletzTrack), streamlined processes, and have a deep bench of experienced attorneys to deliver the ultimate in Landlord-Tenant advocacy available, with a vision to keep investing in technology and grow nationally.

The brand strategy to focus their services on Landlord-Tenant Law, and make the tough decision to refer all other practice areas, is a very market savvy move by Paletz Law. Identity Creative worked with the leadership team in crafting the strategy and language to present the new focus in Paletz Law’s rebranding launch. As subject matter experts, part of their brand strategy is to offer free content and resources to landlords so they can stay up to date on matters that concern them. The new Paletz Law website, created by Momentum, offers this content, as well as an eNewsletter and posts to their social pages.

The Paletz Law leadership team has the vision to be the recognized leader in Landlord-Tenant Law. They’ve built a brand foundation with substance and launched it with a creative, impactful look and message. Now watch them grow!

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Rebranding an Innovative Law Firm

Matthew Paletz is leading his family’s second-generation law firm into a successful future by streamlining their practice to serve the under-served niche of landlords.

Paletz Law is helping property owners by providing aggressive legal advocacy and innovative technology. Paletz Law clients can efficiently and proactively serve their tenants while protecting and growing their investment property. Through landlord advocacy, Paletz Law is helping build stronger communities.