Shannon Hart contacted Identity Creative as iHart Photography, looking for a logo that would set her apart from the multitude of independent photographers. It seemed like a good name until we evaluated it against her competitors on the web. We found pages and pages of “iHart Photographers!”

Shannon’s passion is to connect people emotionally with nature’s landscape beauty through her lens — from her heart to theirs. As we brainstormed potential names, Hartscapes surfaced and we discovered that there was little competition in that space — and a bonus: the www.hartscapes.com was available! Shannon invested in her business because she is a serious business woman and is committed to building a strong brand. 


Shannon Hart, Self-portrait

Hartscapes brings artistry and fascination to landscape photography. Of the logo concepts presented, Shannon selected a freehand rendering of a mountain silhouette inspired from one of her landscape photographs.

Click here to view the work at Hartscapes.com and place an order! Shannon’s detailed attention to the print quality of each piece and dedication to capturing an inspiring moment will touch your heart and the heart of those who enter your home or office.