Video Production Gallery

Identity Creative Video Production

Identity Creative highlights your brand with captivating quality and we’re available to bring professional video production to help you tell the world about your business.

  • Interview series for your website
  • Product demonstrations
  • Aerial footage to highlight venues, facilities, and construction projects
  • Customer testimonials

Company Videos

Executive Wealth Management (EWM) wanted a video that can be sent to people who inquire about EWM’s services. We worked with the team at EWM to develop the content around their key differentiating idea: Building, Defending, and Advancing relationships with clients and their portfolios.


Professionally filmed and edited drone footage will give you the edge that was once only available to large agencies with big budgets who could hire booms, cranes, & copters. Bring a cinematic view to your facility, showrooms, recreational or industrial landscape.

Event Promotion

When ICR celebrated their 25th anniversary with an open house and special guests, Mobsteel, they brought Identity Creative in to capture the excitement and energy of the event.
Add longevity to your events with a quality video that keeps telling the story long after everyone’s gone home.

Video Interviews and Business Process

Images come to life, product demonstrations and complex service offerings are easily grasped. Custom motion graphics create impact, build credibility and help leave a lasting impression with your customers.

Real Estate and Special Effects

This luxury home video required callouts and animation to illustrate some of the home’s exceptional features. We are equipped to bring story animation, special effects, and 3D motion graphics to create your custom video.