You’re a successful business owner and you don’t care one shred about social media.
You never use it. But everyone’s saying you need it for business. workplace images

Yesterday a successful business owner who has hired me to review his social media asked me a question.  Here’s his question: “This week I will be addressing social media with my 25 employees. I know you’ve told me this stuff before, but it still doesn’t make sense and I don’t want to sound like an idiot. What does a “like” mean and when do you “tweet?”
Some social media lingo 101:
On Facebook:
1. You “like” a business page
These people who’ve liked your page are called “Likes”
2. You “friend” a person
You can put friends in “lists”
On  Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin:
1. You “follow” a person or a company
    These people are called “followers”
2.Google+ you can put friends in “circles”
There are business pages and personal pages. Business pages can’t “friend” or “follow” people. They have to earn peoples’ “likes” and “follows.” When you “Like” or “Follow” a business page, you start seeing that page’s posts or tweets.
When you write something on a social page, you are writing a “post” or a “status update.” On Twitter, it’s a “tweet.”
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