Salvation Army bell ringers and accountants: what do these have in common? Both bring our attention to giving at year’s end to those in need.

We are happy to tell you about great people giving hope to children who’ve been left to themselves and forgotten.

Have you ever been approached by a hungry child asking you to buy a plastic grocery bag for a penny? 

On a visit to Manila, Philippines, John & Joy Stutzman were. They were so moved with compassion that they began an uphill battle to make a good home for these forgotten ones.

In 2007 they completed the first home that can currently accommodate 30 children. On a flight to the Philippines, July 20, 2011, Joy suffered a heart attack as she napped, and left this world and her work to those of us still here.

Before & After’s of Lives Changed! You may want to hear their story and share your abundance to carry on the work! Here’s how: Click on a photo below.

Orphans left behind and forgotten.

Door of Hope Palawan Philippines

On the Front Porch at the Door of Hope!